Rover Radio Walkie Talkie Dubai
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Embrace lavish style with our Rover Walkie Talkie range

At Rover Walkie Talkie we bring you a world of seamless communication and boundless adventures for you and your four-legged companion. Our website is your ultimate destination for all things related to Rover Walkie Talkies – innovative devices designed to enhance the connection between you and your furry friend, both indoors and outdoors.

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Elevate adventure with our Rover Walkie Talkie innovation

“Rover Walkie Talkies: A howling good way to share the adventure with your four-legged friend. Stay connected, stay exploring!”

Our value

The original experience of the new era.

“Rover Walkie Talkies: A bridge of barks that spans adventures, where tails wag and voices connect, making every outing a shared experience.”


Empowering pets and owners to share moments and messages effortlessly, Rover Walkie Talkies envisions a world where communication transcends species


At Rover Walkie Talkies, our mission is to foster unbreakable bonds between pets and their owners, enabling seamless communication for shared adventures and uncharted explorations

Why Choose Us

Attain refined style through our Rover Walkie Talkie collection

Durable and rugged design

Built to withstand rough play and outdoor elements, these walkie talkies are tailored for active and adventurous pups.

Easy-to-use interface

Designed with simplicity in mind, these walkie talkies feature intuitive controls, making them accessible for both pets and pet owners.


Ideal for water-loving pups, Rover Walkie Talkies are designed to be water-resistant, adding an extra layer of durability.

Rover walkie talkie in Dubai