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Rover Walkie Talkie R-500

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This comprehensive overview provides insight into the specifications of the versatile communication device. The device is engineered to deliver efficient communication performance across various scenarios.

General Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: The device operates within a specified frequency range, ensuring communication coverage.
  • Channel Capacity: Offering a capacity for 16 channels, the device supports efficient communication management.
  • Channel Spacing: The device supports channel spacing of 12.5kHz or 25kHz, enhancing flexibility in channel configuration.
  • Working Voltage: With an operational voltage of 7.4V, the device maintains consistent power supply.
  • Antenna Impedance: Featuring an antenna impedance of 500 ohms, the device optimizes signal transmission.
  • Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 4000mAh battery capacity, the device ensures extended operation.
  • Size: The device boasts compact dimensions of 130x56x33mm, facilitating ease of use and portability.
  • Weight: Weighing 249g (including battery and antenna), the device combines lightweight design with functionality.

Receiving Specifications: The device’s receiver attributes contribute to optimal signal reception and clarity.

  • Receiving Sensitivity: With a receiving sensitivity of -122dBm (12dB SINAD), the device effectively captures weak signals.
  • Adjacency Selectivity: The device exhibits adjacency selectivity of 65dB (25K) or 60dB (12.5K), minimizing interference from adjacent channels.
  • Blocking: The device offers strong blocking performance with an 80dB rating, reducing unwanted signals.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: With a signal-to-noise ratio of -45dB (25K) or -40dB (12.5K), the device ensures clear signal transmission.
  • Received Audio Power: The device supports received audio power of 500mW, guaranteeing audibility.
  • Audio Distortion: With audio distortion maintained at 5%, the device delivers clear and undistorted sound.
  • Frequency Stability: The device’s frequency stability remains within +2.5ppm, ensuring accurate communication.

Emission Specifications: The transmitter features of the device contribute to effective signal transmission.

  • Transmitting Power: The device offers a transmitting power of 5W, facilitating robust signal transmission.
  • Modulation Mode: Supporting modulation modes of 25K/16KOFJE (25kHz) or 12.5K/8KOFJE (12.5kHz), the device ensures versatile communication.
  • Modulation Deviation: The device maintains modulation deviation of +5kHz (25K) or +2.5kHz (12.5K), optimizing signal accuracy.
  • Modulation Distortion: With modulation distortion below 5%, the device guarantees clear modulation.
  • Residual FM: The device’s residual FM stands at -45dB, minimizing residual frequency modulation.
  • Adjacent Channel Power: Ensuring adjacent channel power of -67dB, the device prevents interference with adjacent channels.
  • Emission Spurious: The device maintains emission spurious below -36dB, reducing unwanted spurious emissions.
  • Frequency Stability: Similar to its receiving counterpart, the device’s emission also exhibits frequency stability within +2.5ppm.
  • Maximum Frequency Deviation: The device’s maximum frequency deviation remains within 5kHz (25K) or 2.5kHz (12.5K).

In conclusion, the communication device’s comprehensive specifications underscore its reliability and efficiency across diverse communication scenarios. From its frequency range to its modulation attributes, the device is engineered to deliver clear, accurate, and stable communication. Its robust receiving and emission attributes ensure optimal signal reception and transmission, making it a valuable tool in various communication applications.


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