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Rover Walkie Talkie R-5WP


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The Rover Walkie Talkie R-5WP is an advanced communication device designed to offer versatile and reliable connectivity across various settings. Its feature-rich design and exceptional specifications ensure seamless communication, making it an ideal choice for diverse communication needs. Let’s explore the key attributes of this remarkable walkie-talkie.

Key Specifications Rover Walkie Talkie R-5WP:

Frequency Range: The R-5WP operates on both VHF and UHF frequencies, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of communication channels.

Frequency Stability: With a precision of ±2.5ppm, the R-5WP maintains consistent and accurate communication across its frequency range.

Channel Capacity: The device boasts an impressive capacity of 256 channels, providing users with ample communication options.

Operating Voltage: Powered by DC 7.2V, the R-5WP offers a reliable power source for extended usage.

Antenna: Equipped with a high-gain antenna, the R-5WP enhances signal strength for clear and effective communication.

Mode of Operation: The R-5WP supports both same and different frequency simplex operation modes, ensuring flexibility in communication setups.

Dimensions: The compact dimensions of 121 x 59 x 34mm make the R-5WP portable and convenient for various applications.

Transmitter Features:

The transmitter component of the Rover Walkie Talkie R-5WP is designed to provide exceptional performance and flexibility in communication.

RF Power: The R-5WP offers adjustable RF power, with a high setting of ≤10W and a low setting of ≥5W, allowing users to adapt to different communication ranges.

Modulation Type: Supporting both wide and narrowband modulation (16KΦ F3E / 11KΦ F3E), the R-5WP accommodates diverse communication needs.

Max Frequency Deviation: The R-5WP maintains precise frequency control, with a maximum deviation of ≤5KHz for wideband and ≤2.5KHz for narrowband.

Adjacent Channel Power: Ensuring communication integrity, the R-5WP maintains adjacent channel power below ≤-65dB (wideband) and ≤-60dB (narrowband).

Spurious Power: With minimal spurious power of ≤7UW, the R-5WP minimizes interference and distortion during communication.

Pre-emphasis Character: The R-5WP employs a pre-emphasis character of 6dB for each frequency doubling the increment, enhancing signal quality.

In summary, the Rover Walkie Talkie R-5WP combines versatile features, impressive channel capacity, and advanced transmitter attributes to deliver exceptional communication capabilities. Whether used in professional, recreational, or emergency scenarios, the R-5WP stands as a reliable communication tool. Its compact size, adjustable RF power, modulation versatility, and precise frequency control make it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance walkie-talkie solution.


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