Rover Radio Walkie Talkie Dubai

Rover Walkie Talkie R-700

16CH Storage EN/CN Voice Report
CTCSS/DCS(Privacy Code) High/Low Power Switch
Wide/Narrow Band Switch Scan, Monitor
VOX, TOT Battery Saving Scrambler
Wireless Frequency Copy 10W STRONG POWER
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This comprehensive overview provides detailed insights into the specifications of a versatile communication device designed to meet a range of communication needs.

General Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: The device operates within a broad frequency range.
  • Channel Capacity: Featuring a capacity for 16 channels, the device offers flexible channel management.
  • Channel Spacing: The device supports both 12.5KHz and 25KHz channel spacing, ensuring adaptable communication allocation.
  • Working Voltage: Operating at a working voltage of 3.7V, the device offers reliable power performance.
  • Antenna Impedance: With an antenna impedance of 500 ohms, the device enhances signal transmission efficiency.
  • Battery Capacity: The device is equipped with a substantial 4000mAh battery capacity, ensuring extended operational periods.
  • Size: Measuring 130x56x33mm, the device strikes a balance between compactness and functionality.
  • Weight: Including the battery and antenna, the device weighs 2499 grams, maintaining a manageable weight for practical use.

Receiving Specifications: The device’s receiving specifications contribute to clear and effective signal reception.

  • Receiving Sensitivity: With a receiving sensitivity of -122dBm (12dB SINAD), the device captures even weak signals for reliable communication.
  • Adjacency Selectivity Block: The device demonstrates strong adjacency selectivity, rated at 65dB (25K) and 60dB (12.5K), with a blocking capability of 80dB.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Providing a signal-to-noise ratio of -45dB (25K) and -40dB (12.5K), the device ensures optimal signal clarity.
  • Received Audio Power: With a capacity for received audio power exceeding 500mW, the device guarantees audibility in communication.
  • Audio Distortion: Audio distortion is maintained at less than 5%, ensuring clear and undistorted sound transmission.
  • Frequency Stability: The device’s frequency stability remains within +2.5ppm, contributing to accurate and dependable communication.

Emission Specifications: The device’s emission specifications are designed for effective signal transmission.

  • Transmitting Power: With a transmitting power of 10 watts, the device facilitates robust signal transmission, suitable for various communication scenarios.
  • Modulation Mode: Supporting modulation modes of 25K/16KOF3E (25KHz) and 12.5K/BKOF3E (12.5KHz), the device ensures versatile communication capabilities.
  • Modulation Limitation: The device maintains modulation limitation of +5kHz and +2.5kHz, ensuring precise and controlled signal modulation.
  • Modulation Distortion: With modulation distortion at less than 5%, the device delivers stable and clear modulation.
  • Residual FM: The device’s residual FM stands at -6708, minimizing residual frequency modulation for optimal signal quality.
  • Adjacent Channel Power: Ensuring adjacent channel power is below -36dBm, the device prevents interference with neighboring channels.
  • Emission Spurious: The device maintains emission spurious within specified limits, ensuring minimal unwanted emissions.
  • Frequency Stability: Similar to its receiving counterpart, the device’s emission also exhibits frequency stability within +2.5ppm.
  • Maximum Frequency Deviation: The device’s maximum frequency deviation remains within 5kHz (25K) and 2.5kHz (12.5K).

In conclusion, this communication device’s comprehensive specifications underscore its efficiency and reliability across diverse communication scenarios. With a broad frequency range, versatile modulation capabilities, and strong receiving and emission attributes, the device is well-equipped to facilitate clear and effective communication in various environments.


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